In canyoning you travel down a river in a canyon by scrambling, floating, swimming, and abseiling.escenso de barrancos, barranquismo o canyoning, varias formas de llamar a la misma aventura.

Over thousands of years, water has carved through mountains creating canyons of amazing architectures. Today we can experience these natural wonders by jumping, sliding, scrambling, rappelling and  swimming through waterfalls, vaults and flooded galleries.


What are the requirements for canyoning?


Sport shoes with a rigid or padded sole such as tennis shoes or trekking shoes. Bear in mind that they will get wet!
Sandals or open shoes, as well as shoes with soft soles like those used for canoeing are not suitable for canyoning. Please make sure that the shoes will last the entire trip which includes trekking and long exposure under water.



A swimming dress/shorts or bikini, as well as dry clothes to change in after the adventure.

Things to leave at home:

Jewellery or other precious objects such as watches, mobile phones, and photo cameras that are not water resistant.

Other things to keep in mind:

The minimum recommended age is 7 years old.
If you or any member of your party has any condition that may cause difficulties during the activity, as well as any kind of chronic/recent impairment or phobia, please let us know before hand.