Sierra de Guara – Level 3

Formiga + Gorgonchón

Data sheet

Level 3: Medium
Activity schedule
In the morning
20 minutes
1 hour
30 minutes
You need sports shoes, a swimsuit, a picnic and water.
Includes materials
Neoprene, booties, helmet, backpack and bottle
Minimum age
12 years

A fissure in the rock!

The Gorgonchon is unique in the Sierra de Guara. A curious hidden crack in the rock, where a narrow ravine appears with a mysterious atmosphere and some exclusive characteristics that the canyoner can enjoy.

The descent of the Gorgonchon is a classic of the sierra, which due to its brevity is usually combined with the descent of the Formiga.

In this ravine, siphons, rappels, steps in opposition, dark corridors, galleries and waterfalls are combined.

Its descent requires a certain technique, so it is not recommended for those people who are starting out in the activity.

Description of the activity

At the established departure time it will be necessary to be at the door of the office with your own vehicle to collect the material and meet the guide who will accompany us throughout the tour.
In the summer months, the car park will be accessed by a bus that leaves every morning from Alquezar to the Lecina car park!
Remember your swimsuit, food, water and sneakers!

From the office we will follow the guide’s car to the parking lot where the activity begins.

From there we made an approach march in swimsuits to the river.

Once in the water we will put on the neoprene and enjoy the descent!

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  • The realization of this activity is subject to weather conditions and the criteria of the guide.
  • The company reserves the right to change the date or itinerary of the activity if necessary.
  • If you or any member of your group suffers from an illness that could hinder the activity, as well as some type of chronic/recent injury or phobia, you must notify the office staff prior to departure.