Via ferrata

Sierra de Guara – Level 2

Virgen del Castillo

Data sheet

Level 2: Initiation
Activity schedule
Morning or afternoon depending on availability.
2 hours and 30 minutes the complete route. Approach and return included.
120 meters
You need sports shoes, picnic and water.
Includes materials
Helmet, harness, anchor lines with heat sink, carabiners and safety rope
Minimum age
7 years
250 meters

Vertical walls in the heart of Guara!

Located next to the town of Rodellar and on the Mascún river, which gives rise to one of the most emblematic canyons of Guara, this via ferrata allows you to explore the vertical walls of the heart of the mountains, so well known by climbers.

Well-equipped and vertical, this ferrata is excellent for everyone, from people with no experience in this activity who want to get started at high altitudes, to more experienced people who want to spend a day in nature and discover the corners of Guara.

After an approach walk bordering the Mascún river, we will find a vertical itinerary that we ascend thanks to the clamps attached to the wall and during which we find a prominence of rock or spur, which gives its name to this via ferrata, which gives rise to to a significantly exposed vertical step.

At the top, where the via ferrata ends, is the hermitage of the Virgen del Castillo from where we will have views of an impressive landscape in which “El Delfin de Rodellar” and the rock formation of “La Ciudadela” stand out, where the ravine ends of the Mascun.

Hopefully also from this viewpoint we can also enjoy the observation of birds of prey whose nests are on the nearby walls.

Description of the activity

At the established departure time it will be necessary to be at the door of the office with your own vehicle to collect the material and meet the guide who will accompany us throughout the tour.
Remember the food, water and sneakers!

From the office we will follow the guide’s car to the parking lot where the activity begins, from where we will make an approach walk.

From the parking lot we made an approach march.

Once in the ferrata we will put on the harness and ENJOY THE FERRATA…

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  • The realization of this activity is subject to weather conditions and the criteria of the guide.
  • The company reserves the right to change the date or itinerary of the activity if necessary.
  • If you or any member of your group suffers from an illness that could hinder the activity, as well as some type of chronic/recent injury or phobia, you must notify the office staff prior to departure.